Hunter shoots man, says he thought the man was a deer

CLARK COUNTY (KATV) - A hunter shot another hunter Sunday morning, saying he thought the man was a deer.

Chad Eyman, 43, was hunting near Amity with two others when he saw 31-year-old Derek Holcomb walking to his stand nearby and shot him in his right leg just below the knee. Eyman told investigators he mistook Holcomb for a large antlered buck.

Both Eyman and Holcomb were in violation of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission codes on clothing color requirements. Eyman was not wearing any orange or safety green. Holcomb was wearing an orange vest but not an orange hat.

Investigators are still looking into this case but Eyman was cited Sunday for his code violation which is a Class 4 violation. That class carries a fine of up to $10,000 and six years in jail.