Hurricane Affects Arkansas Business

Think Arkansans weren't affected by Hurricane Sandy? Think again.

Believe or not, hundreds of miles away from the center of the storm, some businesses right here in Arkansas were financially affected by downed credit card processors.

Kerry McCoy, owner of Arkansas' Flag and Banner said, "Our credit card processor was down for almost 24 hours after the storm. For customers who called in or visited our showroom, we just took their information down on paper and entered it after the system returned. The real impact was on our website. With the credit card system down, no one was able to checkout. To lose a full day of online orders right before the elections was a significant loose for a company like ours."

With over 50 million Americans directly affected by the storm, local companies doing business nationally will feel an impact for weeks to come.

"Whenever there is a storm of this magnitude we really feel it. Looking at our historical numbers, we name our slow periods after hurricanes and major snow storms," says McCoy.