Husky washed ashore on the Arkansas River being treated after possible abuse

MAUMELLE (KATV) -- Veterinarians continue treating a dog found washed up on the river bank in Maumelle after apparently being severely abused.

The white Husky is suffering from starvation, dehydration and infections after a Maumelle resident found him lying in water on the Arkansas River bank. To make things worse, Maumelle Animal Control believes his condition is from abuse.

"You know someone called sobbing (saying) 'Something's washing up on shore,'" said Maumelle Animal Control director Rita Cavenaugh.

The tears came from someone seeing this white Husky, being called River, on the river bank. Cavenaugh said it's clear to her he's not just a stray who wandered off.

"I've been doing this a little over 20 years and I've seen a lot of stuff. This is really bad neglect. There's also been some cruelty inflicted," she added.

Now, River has an uphill battle to fight through various health concerns for his future according to veterinarian Stacey Smith who helping care for him at Chenal Valley Animal Hospital.

"Right now I would say his prognosis is very guarded. It's just going to be on a day-to-day basis, we just have to see how he recovers. It could go either way," Smith said.

The primary focus is to help River survive, but there's another task at hand due to his condition.

"Somebody seen something, somebody knows something and we hope someone will come forward and help us solve this case," Cavenaugh said.

If you know anything about this dog or who may be responsible you're urged to call Maumelle Animal Control at (501) 851-6219.

To help with the costs of River's treatment you can make donations to Maumelle Friends of Animals at 425 Hyman Drive in Maumelle or call them at (501) 851-6219.