Identity released of driver in fatal accident on I-440

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- After shutting down alleast bound traffic on Interstate 440 for nearly seven hours Wednesday a tragicaccident continues to have witnesses shaken up by what they saw, turning anormal workday into a tragedy they'll never forget.

Burn marks, ashes and agaping hole in the concrete median on I-440 are all that's left of a fatalaccident from just a day earlier.

State police told ChannelSeven that preliminary reports tell that a Chevy Impala started going intoreverse on the interstate when a semi-truck collided with it, bursting intoflames. Immediately after, another truck hit the two vehicles, causingadditional damage.

The fatal crash summaryThursday identified the man that died in the accident was identified as60-year-old Terry Harrell of Jacksonville.

A witness we spoke toThursday said after the vehicles can to a halt, several of them realized a manwas trapped inside one of the semi-trucks.

"About that timethat's when you could see his hands coming out of the door. It was just awful,"said James Boggs, who was working near the crash scene.

Boggs said he watched asothers closer to the vehicle tried to break the glass with concrete blocksbroken off the media. Several attempts went unsuccessful before flames becameunbearable.

"The flames were sobig and just it was bad," Boggs added. "The tires were exploding. It wasjust a huge fire."

Boggs said seeing thatman trapped inside that vehicle with no way to get him out has been on his mindall day.

"It was just tough.I wouldn't' want to experience it again," he said.

We attempted to speak tothe men who were fighting to get Harrell out of that burning truck, but theysaid it was just too emotional to speak about.

This accident remainsunder investigation.