Improper Lane Usage Bill

A bill aimed at improving traffic flow and safety could change the rules of the road in Arkansas. All states surrounding Arkansas have a similar law on the books. "We noticed the flow of traffic tends to work a little bit better, so we looked at the statute to see if the signs could be changed under the current statute. Unfortunately, it required a minor modification," explained Representative Nate Steel who sponsors the bill.Arkansas also has a law on the books. It's just not very clear."Right now the current law is when you tailgate someone they're supposed to move over,{} and so it kind of creates road rage. It creates a lot of passing on the right. When people realize they're getting passed on the right, they move over, so the bill was primarily aimed at making interstates more safe," said Steel.This law would allow the highway department to post signs about lane usage. What it doesn't do is give a free pass to speeders. Some critics have given Rep. Steel a hard time, but he swears his commute from Nashville has nothing to do with this bill."If it was about me, I would be trying to raise the speed limits. It's not about speed. There are studies that show that minor increases in speed actually are safer, but I'm not trying to do that. I'm not trying to get anywhere faster. I'm just trying to improve the flow of traffic," said Steel.