Income Tax cuts in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - There's not much exciting about income taxes. Paying them, filing them, even legislating them isn't exactly thrilling, unless you're Rep. Charlie Collins and you're talking about tax cuts.

"HB1585 is designed to really take a bite out of that problem for a lot of folks that are in those lower income ranks, and we think that will be a big deal," said Collins.

Right now, Arkansas uses a graduated tax scale with the percentage based on income. Before your eyes glaze over, you should know HB1585 changes it all. Bottom line, right now if you make $34,000, you're in Arkansas's highest tax bracket. If the bill passes, you'd have to make $44,000 to be there. Additionally, the rate would drop from 7 percent to 6 7/8 percent.

One more number of importance is $60 million. That's how much the bill's tax cuts would cost the state. Collins says the money saved by the private option Medicaid expansion will pay for it. Governor Mike Beebe agrees, but wants to see medicaid move first. He'd also like to wait one more year before the cuts are implemented.

"If you get Medicaid expansion, you can afford some of these tax cuts. So yes, I've linked those together. So, as far as I'm concerned, you've got to do the first one before you can afford the second one," said Beebe.

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