Update: 70 Year-old Escaped Convict Arrested in Arkansas 36 Years Later


Jessieville, Ark.--A 70 year-old man was apprehended this week at his home in Garland County after running from the law for 36 years. Michael Ray Morrow escaped from a California prison in 1977 after being convicted of armed robbery in 1973 and sentenced to five years to life or a minimum of 10 years.

"This case is special in that he escaped so many years ago, but it just highlights law enforcement working together," Arkansas FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kimberly Brunell told Channel 7 News.

Neighbors in Jessieville were shocked to learn that the man they knew as Frank Wilson, who raised a family and attended church every Sunday was not who he said he was.

"We knew him as Frank, but he was a good neighbor we never had any trouble with him. He was just up here raising a family," Sherry Miller said. She was neighbors with Morrow for more than 20 years.

The trail of Morrow's whereabouts went cold until he was arrested in Saline County in 1984. He told police his name was Carl Frank Wilson. His fingerprints were taken and matched with Morrow's prints. It is not clear why Morrow was released or why the time period of 36 years went by before he was arrested.

This year, the California FBI found a driver's license by the name of Carl Frank Wilson, the address on the licence led the Garland County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas FBI straight to Morrow's door in Jessieville.

"They determined it was Mr. Morrow. Agents with our office and the Garland County Sheriff's office arrested Mr. Morrow without incident on Monday," Brunell said.

Morrow is in Garland County Jail awaiting extradition to California.

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