International youth program comes to Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A premier non-profit educationorganization for global learning and youth development makes its way to thecapital city.

Global Kids, Inc. works to ensure that urban youth have theknowledge, skills, experiences, and values they need to succeed in school,participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership intheir communities.

Launching in 2011, the Global Gateways Summer Institute is afour to six week international affairs and leadership development program withthe goals of exposing underprivileged high school students to core concepts inforeign and domestic policy, introduces students to international careeropportunities, and provides a life changing opportunity to study abroad.

Global Kids Arkansas Committee Chairperson Chane "Epiphany"Morrow said, "It's a great resume builder. The exposure to culture and government overseas provides a behind thescenes perspective from issues around the world and how it relates to them andtheir own community. They have the opportunity to network with governmentofficials and speakers, attend events and museums, and gain a hands-onexperience to behind the scenes government and politics overseas."

Currently, the program is only offered to students in NewYork City and Washington, D.C., but the goal of Global Kids Arkansas is toreplicate and implement the program in Little Rock by the summer of 2013.

The curriculum includes exposure to international issues alongwith college and career readiness, but also extends learning throughout theyear through continued involvement.

"Global Gateways has traveled to Haiti, Brazil, Costa Rica,and the Dominican Republic. The students have forged solid connections withpolitical leaders. But the great thingabout Global Kids is when they get back they have follow up projects that aredesigned for continued growth and awareness. We keep them involved, and we arealways there to provide information and opportunities," said Epiphany.

Global Kids is now seeking support from local businesses,organizations, and community members through two weeks of fundraising eventsfrom April 15 until April 29. Duringthis time Global Kids will host events including a 3-on-3 basketballtournament, scavenger hunt, performances, art shows, cocktail parties and more. Additional funds will be raised throughcorporate sponsorship.

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