Invent Help

Late night television features a number of pitches from companies that claim they can help you get your idea or invention patented, manufactured and to market.

After buying in, one Arkansas woman doesn't buy it anymore.

This woman hoped the folks at Invent Help could help her turn her idea into a product and one day into a profit.

Now she says the sting of failure is made worse by the loss of money.

In order to get a partial refund, this woman agreed not to say anything bad about the company in question.

The word in the agreement is "disparage."

But after she says she got little help for a lot of money, she wants to spare others her experience.

"Do not use them," she warns. "Do not use them. The only thing they are going to do is take your money and run."

They're not featured prominently, but does share success statistics on its web site.

From 2009 to 2011 the company signed up 4,600 clients.

116 ended up getting license agreements and of those, only 26 turned a profit.

That's.005 percent.

"Be very careful with who you trust with your stuff," she says. "If it is something that is dear to you like thatthat you feel is a great thing to dotrust your instincts and use a lawyer. Go to a lawyer first. Get information from them as to how to go about it and what to do. And then move forward yourself. Don't trust these companies that show up on TV saying they can help you do this and help you do that. Because that is not true."

A spokeswoman with Invent Help didn't want to record an interview with us but says steps are taken to help clients deal with disappointment in this case and most cases.

Air date: January 10th, 2013