Investigation Discovery to feature Nona Dirksmeyer murder

RUSSELLVILLE - Investigation Discovery is featuring the Russellville homicide of Nona Dirksmeyer on its popular series Beauty Queen Murders on Tuesday, October 22nd at 9 p.m. Central.

Show producers point out the network's name is Investigation Discovery, not Discovery Channel or Discovery ID. Check your channel guide for listings.

The program is described in the following news release.

"In this episode, rising star Nona has her sights set on the Miss. Arkansas title. But after being brutally murdered, her dreams are cut tragically short. When investigators find someone with blood on his hands at the scene of the crime, everyone in town is shocked. Will justice be served for this beauty queen? "

The episode includes interviews with, Janice Jones, Dirksmeyer's Family Friend, Todd Steffy, Investigator, Sean Ingram, Journalist and Janie Jones, Journalist.