Irish Colcannon, 3/7/13


AnOld Traditional Irish Recipe adapted by Chef Mark Abernathy,

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6-8Russet baking potatoes{}{}{} peeled and cutinto large chunks

1/2head of cabbage chopped{} or{} 4 cups chopped Kale

1bunch scallions{}{} chopped{} whites & greens{}{}{}

1/2pound whole piece of ham or bacon

1/2lb Irish Butter{}

Parleychopped for Garnish


{}{}{}{}{} In a medium sized covered pot cover theham with by about 1" with lightly salted water and simmer for 1 hour. While theham is cooking start your potatoes. Place the whole potatoes in a steamer for30 minutes and keep warm.

{}{}{}{}{} When the ham is done, remove it and addthe cabbage to the boiling "ham water" and cook until just tender @ 8 minutes.Drain off the water but leave very wet. Add 3 tablespoons Irish butter and cookcabbage for 2 more minutes.

{}{}{}{}{} In a large bowl, mash the hot potatoeswith a 1cup of Irish butter. Shred the ham and mix into the potatoes. Stir inthe hot cooked cabbage and the scallions. Taste and add salt if needed (thebutter is salted). Keep the bowl in a warm oven until ready to serve or reheatcontents in the microwave.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

{}{}{}{}{} Toserve, make a 3" diameter indention in the hot potato mixture and add 3 moretablespoons of butter to the "hole" to melt. Sprinkle with chopped parley.


Note:In Ireland they often substitute Kale for the cabbage. The ham is optional.This is great served with sliced corn beef and brown bread.