Jaguar..and Money...Long Gone

The year was 1974...and a Magnolia man fell in love with a car he found for sale in Little Rock.

Since then he has been the car's only owner and the car's only driver.

With only 51,000 miles on the sports car, last year he decided to sell... a decision he now greatly regrets.

It was a patient who referred Dr. Eddie McDonnell to a Hot Springs man who specializes in Jaguar repair.

After putting $10,000 of work into the car, the Columbia County optometrist decided to let the repairman take his car to an Arizona auction and sell it to the highest bidder.

After all that work, McDonnell says his car in January of 2012 was looking almost as good as it did when he bought it.

"Well I bought it in July of 1975," recalls McDonnell. "It was the last new one they had at Continental Cars in Little Rock."

It wasn't an easy decision, but eventually McDonnell trusted his mechanic...Troy Muncrief of Hot transport his Jaguar to an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona run by Russo and Steele.

A buyer paid $57,000 for his car.

Muncrief received the money from the auction house 16 months ago.

"I have not received a penny," says McDonnell. "Yep...I don't know where it is. I don't know where it went other than I know it went to him February 15th because I got a report from Russo and Steele that said they shipped the money on that date."

We visited Troy Muncrief's property at 22 Coachlight Road just west of Hot Springs but no answered the door.

When asked on the phone where the more than $50,000 owed to McDonnell went he told us to call his attorney.

"He wouldn't talk to me," says McDonnell. "He told me to talk to his attorney after I, you know, I tried to ask him where the money is and he wouldn't respond. You know, he said just deal with my lawyer."

Muncrief's attorney is Hot Springs lawyer Morse Gist.

Gist called us within the past hour and explained that Mr. Muncrief fell on hard times after the sale of the Jaguar and the money is gone.

He says Mr. Muncrief intends to repay Mr. McDonnell...but for 16 months now his actions have failed to match his intentions.

Air date: July 16th, 2013