Jefferson Co. Deputies Check Up on Sex Offenders


On Thursday, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deputies took part in Operation Sore, which stands for sex offender registry enforcement."It makes communities safe when we know and we do compliance checks. We can validate and verify that they are living where they say they're living," said Maj. Lafayette Woods.Deputies knocked on nearly 85 doors, but sometimes they came up empty."We know they don't always report when they move, and that's the reason we do these checks to make sure they're in compliance," said Woods.When deputies learn the address is no longer valid, they start the process of getting a warrant"If it didn't show a record of change of address, we will start initial proceedings to make sure that we issue a warrant for their arrest and go ahead and pick them up for not being compliant," said Woods.Of course, a deputy showing up unannounced at your door isn't exactly a welcome anyone wants to give, but deputies say it's necessary and the only real way to verify the offender lives where he claims."These sex offenders feel like they've been alienated against, but that's part of the processes of committing a crime," said Woods.Woods believes Operation SORE is the best way to hold offenders accountable whereby protecting the community."It makes communities safe when we know, and we do compliance checks," said Woods.While the deputies were out there confirming addresses, they also checked to make sure those homes were the appropriate distance from schools and day cares.