Jefferson Co. man accused of killing "the family he always wanted"

(KATV)-A man accused of a double homicide in Jefferson County was in court Monday. Cody Childress, 21, is charged with two counts of capital murder. Childress is accused of shooting Deborah Moncrief, 58, and Anthony Branch, 62, inside their home Friday. Childress reportedly got in the middle of a dispute between Moncrief and her sister, Ms. Trail. Childress is engaged to trail's daughter, who is also Moncrieff's niece. "Mr. Childress said that he had a life of nothing but mental and physical abuse since he was three. And after meeting the Trail/Moncrief family, that it was the family he had always wanted," said Jefferson County Investigator Mickey Buffkin. Investigators say one of the motives was money. Childress reportedly borrowed from Deborah Moncrieff. "Somewhere down the line he stated that he paid the money back, but Ms. Moncrief said that the money was not there," Buffkin said. According to authorities, there was also a family dispute over a house. Between Moncrieff and her sister, Ms. Trail. "They were possibly going to end up having to move, and its going disrupt the family that he always wanted. Ms. Trail had mentioned during a heated argument about Deborah, that she just wished something would happen to her. Cody then stated to investigators that he determined that he was going to make that happen," Buffkin said. Investigators say Childress admitted to the killings, but he is innocent unless proven guilty. Prosecutors still don't know if they will seek the death penalty.