Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office auctioning off hundreds of confiscated firearms

JEFFERSON COUNTY (KATV) -{}Dozens of firearms to be auctioned off Saturday. All of them confiscated from criminals and now sold to bidders by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Rifles, pistols and shotguns that were once evidence in criminal cases will be auctioned off in one of the state's most crime-ridden cities.

Gun auctions are nothing unusual in any part of Arkansas but what if the agency behind it is your county sheriff's office?

"These weapons came from cases that have been adjudicated in either circuit or district court that were attached to some type of criminal case as evidence or property in those cases," said Maj. Lafayette Woods, of the Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office.

The auction is being hosted by a local gun club for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and is open to the general public. It's no secret Pine Bluff's crime rate is among the highest in the nation. In fact, just last year it was named the second most dangerous city in the country by{}CQ press. But authorities say the bad guys won't be getting their hands on these weapons.

"If you're a convicted felon don't show up. If you have warrants, don't show up," said Woods.{}"If you don't have the proper documentation and know you can't legally own a gun or possess a fire arm, don't show up."

The profit from this auction goes toward the tri-county drug task force and this is the third auction held in the past decade. In 2005,{}JCSO collected{}nearly $13,000 in profit.

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