Jefferson County Unsolved: The Murder Of Lennie Woods

Police are looking for information about a homicide case, that's been cold for 14 years. Deputies say a woman was killed, and her body dumped on a farm south of Pine Bluff. All these years later - they still don't know who did it.

Jefferson County authorities are investigating a total of seven unsolved homicides, but none of them have been cold longer than the murder investigation of this woman.

"it's one of the longest cases that we've had. It's been 98. Several years since we've gotten any information." says Major Lafayette Woods.

43 year old Lennie Woods... a beautiful blonde who was living a dangerous lifestyle. Investigators say she was a known prostitute, and it may have been an encounter with someone she met on the street -- that ultimately led to her death.

Major Woods says, "body was actually thrown from the levee. And rolled down... Close to the water line here."

November 10th, 1998...a local farmer near Moscow...south of Pine Bluff... discovered the naked body of a white female... her clothes and high heels strewn nearby.

The body... later identified through fingerprints as Lennie Woods. Authorities aren't saying how she died.

Investigators talked to several people who knew Woods, but prosecutors haven't felt confident enough in the evidence... to prosecute anyone.

"unfortunately with that lifestyle, and encounters with different individuals.. This also makes this crime hard to solve." says Major Woods.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has two goals in this case... to apprehend and prosecute the person who did this... and also bring closure to a family.

Major Woods says, "it doesn't matter to us, the individual's lifestyle in which they were brought up. How long their criminal record is. Everybody deserves.. Especially the family and victim, deserves closure."

If you have any information about the murder of Lennie Woods, call 870-541-5300 or 870-541-5496. As with any of these Jefferson County cold cases...there is a reward being offered for information leading to an arrest.