Jefferson County Unsolved: Who Killed Jeremy Ireland?

In March of 2011, Jefferson County authorities discovered the body of a transient who had been shot and dumped near an abandoned house. All these months later, they still have no arrests in the case.

What makes this case so difficult to solve, isn't a lack of DNA evidence. It's a lack of suspects to link that evidence to. Deputies say the leads have run dry, and they're hoping someone watching can help.

The evidence room at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department holds the pieces to countless crimes over the years. Some of them solved... but some of them not. One of those unsolved cases is the murder of 34-year old transient, Jeremy Ireland.

"Anyone who's dying tragically like this... probably one of the hardest cases I've ever seen in my life. Somebody to die like this and be dumped by the side of the road," says Major Lafayette Woods.

It was March 7th, 2011. Deputies say someone shot Ireland, then drove to this remote area outside Pine Bluff, on Deep Bayou Road, and dumped his body at an abandoned house.

"The body was located in this area right here. I think there's a piece of old carpet. Actually in that area right there... butted up. Wall of the house."

Major Lafayette Woods says a man who was in the process of buying this property... discovered the body, covered with a sheet - and called police. Jeremy Ireland had no family in this area and no permanent residence.

Detectives were only able to find a few people who knew him.

Woods says, "We did learn that there was some drug use involved with Mr. Ireland. word was at some point in time, he had owed maybe possible drug dealers money."

Everyone they've interviewed has been cleared as a possible suspect.

Investigators are now in desperate need of some new leads.

"We've got several pieces of DNA that we've collected...through the investigation, but no probable suspect right now to compare them to," says Woods.

Deputies want to solve this cold case now - and finally have an answer to this almost two-year old question...Who killed Jeremy Ireland?

If you have any information, call 870-541-5300 or 870-541-5496.

There's a reward being offered for information leading to an arrest.