Jessieville school board president talks about superintendent resignation

Jessieville (KATV) - The president of the Jessieville school board sat down with KATV before school starts on Monday to discuss the resignation of former Jessieville Superintendent, Andy Curry. According to a DWI case report from the Euless Police Department in Texas, on July 24 at around 10:30 p.m., Andy Curry was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was pulled over in the truck issued to him by the district, according to Sonya Eisenhauer, president of Jessieville School Board. The police report states Curry had bloodshot eyes, alcohol on his breath and failed a sobriety test. As of Friday, he has not been formally charged with any offense. At a special school board meeting on Saturday, August 2, Andy Curry offered his resignation to the Jessieville School District. His resignation was accepted by the board at a separate meeting on Wednesday of this week. According to a statement released by Curry, he will no longer be the Jessieville Superintendent on September 1, 2014. "This was very disappointing, he's done really great thing at our school," said Eisenhauer. Eisenhauer said the good out weighted the bad for Curry as a Superintendent. She elaborated about all the changes Curry made for the district. Eisenhauer said that in Curry's four years at Jessieville, he implemented free lunches for students who couldn't afford it, he helped the district save money by fixing out-of-date infrastructure, and came under budget when he was handed a building project with an estimated $9.5 million cost. "We have no formal complaints from any employees that are currently at the district," said Eisenhauer. Andy Curry's employment contract allows him to have a truck for professional and personal use. The contract states the vehicle will remain the property of the school district once terminated, but the school district's attorney said the board agreed to a resignation settlement where Curry can keep the truck, a laptop, and the district will pay a year and a half of his three year salary. His contract states he made about $92,000 a year. Eisenhauer says if they fired Curry, the district would have to pay the reminder of his three-year contract. "We thought this was the best financial decision for the district," said Eisenhauer. Curry issued a two page statement going into great detail about what he had done as the Jessieville Superintendent. "I want nothing but the best for the district and the community and I will continue to want that for them long after I leave. I encourage everyone to pull together to give these students the school district they deserve," said Curry in his statement. "We need to move forward (from this)," Eisenhauer said. "We really need to move on." Eisenhauer mentioned the school board has been interviewing candidates for Interim Superintendent. Both parties have agreed they won't be seeking any further legal action. The Euless Police Department tells KATV Curry's blood test results haven't come back from the lab.