Jewish culture, food celebrated at festival

People from all walks of life celebrated the Jewish culture Sunday at the Jewish Food Festival in Little Rock.
Organizers said during the course of the day, 12,000 to 15,000 people attended.
The festival included traditional Jewish foods, such as old fashioned corned beef sandwiches, cabbage rolls, blintzes and homemade Jewish treats.
There were also booth on Jewish and Israeli culture and religion.
"The main reason is to really provide the community with an opportunity to learn about Jewish food, Jewish culture," said Scott Levine, chairman of the Jewish Food Festival. "You know, there's plenty of people in our community that don't know Jewish people, don't know anything about our culture and this is a great way for them to come down and learn."
Some found more than just good food and music. Three years ago, Lev Guter and Katie Rice-Guter met at the festival. The pair were recently married. "The Jewish Food Festival means a lot to us because we actually met here," the pair said. "Three years ago to this day at the Jewish Food Festival right here. Yeah, and we just got married a month ago so it's our time to come back and give service to the community and thank them for bringing us together."
Proceeds from the festival go to various charitable organizations in the state as well as in Israel.