Joe Strong, 2013

A man still wanted in Jefferson County is now up to his old tricks down in Dallas Texas.

We have been telling you about Joe Strong since 2005. It seems he still refuses to choose to make an honest living.

The only time the complaints and concerns about Strong stop is when he is doing a stint in prison.

He may no longer be in Arkansas, but thanks to the Internet we're still hearing about him.

Major Lafayette Woods with the Jefferson County Sheriffs department has been taking phone calls from way outside his jurisdiction lately...calls from a "214" area code.

But the name the callers mention is a familiar one. Joe Strong.

"Currently he has two warrants out of our office," says Major Woods regarding Strong. "One for revocation of his parole. And also another one for hot check alias warrant...which is a felony. He owes right now about $7,000.00 worth of fines."

Like he has in Arkansas in the past, Major Woods says Strong is targeting the elderly and single mothers in the Dallas area and telling them he can help pay their bills.

"He explained to me that he has a waiting list," says Erica from Dallas during a phone interview. "That he helps women pay their light bills and their phone bills and their rent. Well I've always heard of help with the rent and the light bills but never with the phone bill. And he said there would be a $75.00 administration fee."

Thankfully Erica Googled Joe Strong's name and found our past stories before he paid him any money.

But others who have been calling Major Woods haven't been so lucky.

"We want to make sure nobody else falls prey to Mr. Strong's practices," says Major Woods. "And it is our belief that if we publicize and put it out there hopefully individuals will see this and when they hear the name Joe Strong or any alias that he goes by they'll know that...don't touch it."

Woods says Joe Strong is using the alias Joe Young in the Dallas area.

The businesses he is connected to include First Choice Network and First Choice Staffing and Banking.

The charges hanging over his head in Jefferson County aren't enough to go to Texas and get him. But if Strong visits home...deputies hope to see him.

Air date: September 16th, 2013