Jonesboro man fakes knife attack to impress his date

Things are starting to look and sound like spring atCraighead Forest Park.

It might have been spring fever that got the best ofone Jonesboro man trying to impress a girl.

According to a police report with the JonesboroPolice Department, a man and woman were attacked by a man with a large knifeout near Pavilion #5 at Craighead Forest Park. While the female victim ran off,the man, 26-year-old Tyler Siegel stayed back to fight the attacker, sustaininga cut to his wrist and chest in the process.

Police even searched for that alleged attacker forhours, even shutting down the main exit to Craighead Forest Park.

Turns out, that "attacker" was more friendthan foe as Siegel asked his friend to attack them so he could impress thegirl. The cuts he sustained were self-inflicted to make it look like he'd been injured.

KAIT spoke with the female by phone. She said in herattempt to run away, she lost a shoe and hurt her leg trying to get away. Shesaid the whole experience was "very real" but didn't once think theincident showed Siegel in a heroic light.

Siegel told police the incident "just reallygot out of hand very fast." He is not facing any charges.

While speaking with the female victim, she said shetold Mr. Siegel that after this incident, they would no longer be talking.