Judge lifts ban on sale of Samsung tablet in U.S.

Image credit: Vicki Behringer

After a long-running patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, a judge ruled that Samsung should be allowed to sell its Galaxy tablet in the U.S.

An injunction issued in June had prevented sales of the tablet while the companies went to trial. In late August, a federal jury found Samsung guilty of six other Apple patents covering smartphones and tablet computers in the creation of its own mobile products.

The jury recommended that Apple be awarded more than 1-billion dollars in damages. But the jury also decided the Galaxy tablet was not one of the products that infringed on Apple's design patents for the ipad.

A spokesman for Samsung said that while the company has released newer tablets recently, there are likely still some Galaxy Tab 10.1 models in warehouses and retail inventory in the U.S. that now can be offered to consumers because of the judge's ruling.

Apple declined to comment.

The judge scheduled a December hearing to consider Samsung's demand for a new trial.