Judge rules no Pine Bluff mayoral election this year

A judge ruled there will not be another mayoral election in Pine Bluff until 2016, ending a back and forth battle between the current mayor, a former mayor, and the Jefferson County Election Board.

"We have two more years to move on, and we're very excited about that," said Mayor Debe Hollingsworth.

After former mayor, Carl Redus, filed to run for mayor this year, Mayor Debe Hollingsworth filed a lawsuit, because the city didn't plan to hold a municipal election until 2016.

However, despite a 2012 ruling that the city would be on a different election schedule, the Jefferson County Election Board approved a 2014 election.

But on Thursday, a judge ruled that there will not be an election for another two years.

Hollingsworth said, "As I stated, when I was elected, that I have four years to do a job and now I'm ready to get back after it."

"Obviously we're a little bit disappointed, but you know, the court made its ruling and we intend to comply with the courts rule," said Jack Harris, attorney for Redus and Election Board.

Mayor Hollingsworth also says she's glad that each voter and their vote counted for something, as she will continue to hold her position until 2016.

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