End in sight for decades of deseg oversight

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A federal judge gave final approval to a settlement that will end decades of state desegregation payments to the three school districts in Pulaski County on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Price Marshall concluded that the agreement brokered by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is "fair, reasonable and adequate."

"I think this is a day that we can write about in the book, put a circle around and remember that we did something important," Marshall said at the end of a court hearing he set to hear objections to the historic agreement to end more than 20 years of litigation rooted in the 1957 Little Rock Central High integration crisis.

McDaniel said he was glad for the final ruling.

"Generations of kids were wronged by the intentional segregation of the races. And we know that. That was wrong for all students, black and white. But we also know that good people have worked very very hard to bring about an end to this litigation. And it is time," McDaniel said.