Juror speaks out about Hastings trial

One of the jurors in the Josh Hastings trial is speaking out about the two days of deliberations ending in a mistrial.
The juror did not want to be identified but spoke candidly about the process.
"Bobby's family doesn't get any peace of mind. Josh doesn't serve his time and get on with his life," the juror said. "The truth is, being a part of this trial, how is it you get 12 people in a room to agree that a cop who shot a kid deserves jail time?"
Channel 7 has learned more about the makeup of the jury, but is keeping the jurors anonymous.
Including two alternates, only five of the 14 are under the age of 50. Four are 60 or older.
Three jurors were men. All but two have children.
Several work in the fields of medical or sales and several others are retired.
The juror told Channel 7 when they went into deliberations, the group voted, writing down guilty, not guilty, or undecided on a piece of paper.
The juror said while some opinions differed on the charge - manslaughter or negligent homicide - only two jurors believed Hastings was not guilty.
"They felt he was justified because he's a cop, because he's out there to protect," the juror said.
The juror said there was much discussion Saturday, some of it heated. But Sunday, he said, there was much less, with the two jurors standing their ground that Hastings was not guilty.
"We just sat there. We didn't want to say, hey, we're done here, we all want to go home," the juror said. "We just waited for them to make up their
He added, "It was really hard being in the same room with those people for so long."
The juror said it seemed earlier Sunday afternoon minds were made up, and said the judge could have declared the jury hung at 3:00.