UPDATE: Day passes as jury deliberation continues in Hastings trial

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- The jury in the retrial of former Little Rock police officer Josh Hastings, spent five and a half hours deliberating Wednesday, but did not reach a verdict.

Court is expect to resume Thursday morning at 10.

In surprise fashion, defense lawyer Bill James, rested his case Wednesday morning without calling any witnesses to the stand. This comes a day after the state's prosecution team called 10 witnesses to the stand. Those witnesses included police officers, medical examiners and the two teenagers inside the car with Bobby Moore at the time of the shooting.

Shortly after the defense rested Wednesday morning, the prosecution and defense teams gave closing statements and the jury began deliberations at noon.

The jury is responsible for considering verdicts of guilty of negligent homicide, guilty of manslaughter or not guilty of any form of homicide.