UPDATE: Jury seated in manslaughter trial of ex-LRPD officer

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A jury was seated and sworn in late Monday afternoon for the second trial of a former Little Rock police officer.

After weeding through more than 200 potential jurors over the course of six days, prosecutors, defense attorneys and Judge Wendell Griffen agreed on 12 jurors and two alternates for the re-trial of Josh Hastings, the ex-LRPD cop accused of manslaughter after killing a 15-year-old while responding to a robbery call.

It took all of last week to seat the first five jurors. Another five were seated by lunch Monday and the panel was set and sworn in before court recessed for the day.

Hastings shot Bobby Moore, III, while Moore and two other teens were reportedly breaking into cars in the parking lot of a Little Rock apartment complex on August 12, 2012. Moore died. The other two were charged with breaking and entering.

Hastings first faced a manslaughter charge in June but that trial ended in a mistrial when the jury could not reach a verdict after three days of deliberations.

For comparison, jury selection in that trial took slightly less than two days. The final makeup of the jury in that first trial included nine women and three men. None of them were African-American. Both of the alternates were white women.

The jury in this case includes two black females, five white females and five white males.

"Ultimately, we want folks that can be fair to Mr. Hastings and that we think aren't going to be biased against him," said defense attorney Bill James. "They're going to make an honest decision. The folks that we don't feel like are best suited to do that, we've cut."

The court has set aside three weeks for the trial, though Judge Griffen initially said he did not expect it to take that long.

Opening statements are set to begin Tuesday morning.

KATV's Justin Lewis will be back inside the courtroom as that happens. Judge Griffen has banned social media inside the court itself, but Justin will update his Twitter feed during recesses. You can follow him at @JustinLewisKATV to get those updates as soon as they are available.

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