Kali Hardig making progress, money raised for medical bills

Picture Courtesy: Prayers for Kali Le Ann Facebook page

(KATV) Saturday and Sunday, Kali Le Ann Hardig's classmates raised money to help pay her medical bills. One of the events was a lemonade stand.

Kali,12, is in the hospital being treated for a rare form of meningitis. According to the CDC, it is 99% fatal within the first week of contracting the brain eating parasite. Kali has been in critical condition at Arkansas Children's Hospital for 16 days.

CDC: Naegleria

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) say Kali contracted the parasite while swimming at a popular water park in Little Rock. The owners of the park voluntarily shut it down for the season.

Water park owner reacts to latest parasitic meningitis victim

Officials with the ADH say it is the second case of the rare illness from the same water park in the past three years. The other victim, a 7 year old boy died in 2010.

Mother of child who died of brain-eating bacteria speaks out after girl is diagnosed

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the odds of contracting the amoeba are extremely low. It thrives in warm, standing freshwater. It is usually harmless, but can cause fatal brain swelling if inhaled through the nose.

On July 30, Kali's mom, Traci Hardig told Channel Seven that her daughter is making slow progress. That week Kali moved her hand and opened her eyes, making eye contact with her mom.

Kali Hardig's mom talks to Channel Seven about daughters condition

On July 30, doctors tested Kali's body by turning off the Artic Sun machine that has been regulating her body temperature. They also reduced her sedation.

On July 31, Kali was taken off dialysis for a short time to check her kidney function. They also lowered the vent to make her breathe more on her own. An MRI was done to check her brain function.

Experimental drug helping girl with brain eating parasite

According to family members, Kali is still on a vent. On Sunday, August 4th, she responded to questions and conversations by squeezing hands. Her fever is being controlled by Tylenol.

Friends are rallying for Kali with bracelets and shirts with the number 3. Traci tells Channel Seven the number is significant, it means Kali could be the third survivor in the U.S.

Donations to medical bills can be made at any Arvest Bank branch. The account is "Kali Le Ann Hardig'

Facebook: Prayers For Kali Le Ann

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