Kali Hardig returns to Willow Springs for fundraiser

The 12 year old Arkansas girl who survived a rare brain infection, returned to the park where she contracted the brain eating amoeba, for a fundraiser in her honor.

Owners of the Willow Springs Park hosted Fishin for Kali.

You'll remember, Kali was infected with the rare form of meningitis while playing at the fresh water park back in July. The park has now been converted into a fishing lake and camp spot.

Kali did a little fishing herself today. She says she doesn't blame the park for her getting sick, and had a message for everyone who supported her through her illness.

"Just thank you for helping me and giving me all the prayers to get though it," said Kali.

The park owner went on to say, "Kali is having a great time. She's already caught some fish. The kids are having a ball. There's probably 150 people in the park. It's just about raising some money for the family, having a good time."