Katrina Evacuee Works at Place that fed him 7-years ago

(KATV) Isaac arrived in Louisiana on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of families that evacuated seven years ago, never returned. Channel Seven spoke to a man now calls Little Rock home.

Oliver Lindsey says where he used to live is still a work in progress. He wants people to focus on the good that comes from tragedy.

"It was the worst time of my life. I thought it was really the end of the world." Oliver Lindsey survived Hurricane Katrina, but lost his home and had no choice but to turn to the streets. "One of us would try to sleep and the next day one of us would stay awake to watch the other one plus the little kids."

When Lindsey evacuated to Arkansas, he only had the clothes on his back. "I didn't even know the food I was getting was coming from the Foodbank."

For six-years now, Lindsey has been working for the very place that helped him in his time of need. "Knowing what you have been through, not knowing when I'm going to have a bite to eat or water, it feels good to help someone."

He says not one day goes by that he doesn't think of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation left behind. Fortunately, Isaac is far weaker and has been downgraded.

Lindsey says, "Don't take life for granted. You have to take it in everyday because you don't know if you're going to be here or gone tomorrow."

Seven years later, he still hasn't heard from some relatives. This time, Lindsey's immediate family left Louisiana and evacuated to Houston.