Keeping safe while setting off fireworks on the 4th

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Happy Independence Day America! Most of us are off today enjoying a cookout with family and friends, and while many are anticipating the night to fall to watch those beautiful lights in the sky explode, being safe while handling fireworks is still something to keep in mind.

It's never too late to get just a few extra firecrackers and roman candles even on the 4th people are still lining up getting ready to celebrate America with family and friends.

"Bought all kind of bottle rockets, little sparklers for the kids a lot of things not too dangerous for them that they can just throw them on the ground and pop little snakes and stuff," said Josh Grey.

Grey isn't the only one who bought several bags full of fireworks, many are stocking up waiting for the night to fall to light em' up! And while it's all fun and games especially for kids, shooting off your own fireworks can come with consequences.

"We've seen a few house fires people would accidentally set their house on fire, or brush close to their house and it would set their house on fire and you know it's always tragic when someone loses their home due to fireworks," said Captain Randy Hickmon, Little Rock Fire Department.

Hickmon adds that while they give the same advice every year, keeping a safe distance when lighting off fireworks, a spike in emergency room visits happens every time.

"Emergency room today will be very busy, what we have experienced in the past, and that's to do with the burns and the fireworks they are very dangerous in the larger form don't let your children use them alone," said Hickmon.

It is illegal to set off fireworks within the city limits of Little Rock and something else to keep in mind, it is still illegal to shoot off your guns even if you're celebrating.