Kid President campaigns for a homeless women's facility

(KATV) Little Rock - An Arkansas non-profit group is on a $150,000 mission to help homeless mothers get themselves and their kids off the streets. The One Inc. has acquired land to build a new safe house for women and children, but the group still needs help with materials and the building process.

Women needing a bed at shelters are on a waiting list. Then you have organizations for abused women or a substance treatment facility, but this will be the first retreat specifically for homeless women.

In a web video, Robby Novak says, "I think it is time we did something awesome." He is the pint sized Kid President who has gone viral with motivational videos.

He recently chose to support The One Inc. In the video he explains, "We want to build a special place for homeless women in Little Rock, Arkansas."

With the help of the 10-year old, the organization has raised about $20,000. Aaron Reddin says, "That is from all over the world. It has been incredible." He smiles, "Places I have never heard of in the world."

Reddin is not ready to disclose the location of the lot donated by Habitat for Humanity. He says the hardest part is identifying homeless mothers because they live in fear that their kids will be placed in the state's care. "We have found several pregnant women living out in the woods, living where ever they can. I think we can get them off the streets pretty rapidly once we get this going."

The One Inc. needs $150,000 for materials and volunteers will build the house. "It will be two bedrooms on each side and then a common area and kitchen in the middle." Each room will have two sets of bunk beds. Reddin looks at the lot, "Anything we can do to try and make that path out easier, smoother and safer. That is what we want to do."

Kid President says it best, "This is not just a web show, we are changing the world yall."

Habitat for Humanity donated two other lots. They plan to use them to grow food for the homeless.

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