Kids fish, play games at Spina Bifida Family Fun Day

Over 160,000 people in the United States are living with spina bifida.
In Benton Saturday, kids got the opportunity to spend the day having a little fun at the Spina Bifida Family Fun and Awareness Day.
"One out of 1,000 births are spina bifida births so that problem is not going away," said Natilie Woodridge, president of the Spina Bifida Support Group in Little Rock. "We obviously need to increase our support and awareness so that's what we're hoping to do today."
Kids and families gathered at Sunset Lake in Benton for games, fishing and a cookout put on by the Spina Bifida Project.
Woodridge is also the mother of a child with the disorder.
"Just seeing her be able to do a lot of things we were told she wouldn't do, it's a blessing and it's encouraging to us but it also encourages other families in that same position," Woodridge said.
"It gives them the opportunity to be around other people who are just like them, and it sets them to where they feel like they're not in a box or bound by limitations," explained Terra Long, whose 14-year-old son has spina bifida. "They can fish just as everyone else goes out and fish, they can cast their rods just as everyone else casts theirs."
The event is for families affected by the disorder, but also to increase awareness about spina bifida in the community.
"They do they same things that other kids do. They want to do the same things other kids do," Woodridge said. "Sometimes we have to find a different route to do those things, but outdoor events like this, having a fishing derby and some fun activities. It's a great way to engage them along with their peers."

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