Kids putting down video games and getting active with Zumba

Source: CNN

{}You've probably at least heard of it or maybe you've tried a class.{} Zumba is a popular dance-fitness program andkids have joined in too.{}{} To Rachel Runsick, Zumba class is a family affair. "Because my mom teachesit, we practice together and my little sister and my big brother get tocome."

Instructors adapt moves from the popular dance fitness program Zumba for bothyounger and older kids. Rachel, along with the other children, say they enjoymoving and grooving to the Latin-inspired beats.

"It's a fun way to exercise with my friends and I like the music,"said kid participant Camille Vanleer.

That mentality is the goal, saythese instructors.

"We really try to make it as fun as possible so it can compete with videogames and computers," said Zumba co-instructor, Ayanna Torres. "We provide themthe freedom to express themselves. They can go basically as crazy as they wantin a structured environment."

And after class?

"I feel energized.{}{}Ifeel like I want do more. Too bad the class is over," said Alexander Muema.

{}"It really instills in them that exercise can be fun - if you findsomething that you are good at or that you are passionate about, especiallysomething that's active, you can do it for the rest of your life," said Zumba co-instructorJae Runsick.

{}As for Rachel, she will look forward to next week. "Because moving ishealthy for you," she said.