King's Auto

After 15 years in operation, a Pulaski County auto mechanic is suddenly on Seven-On-Your-Side's radar.

They say when it rainsit pours. And complaints have poured in recently against one Jacksonville auto shop.

King's auto may be new to this location, but owner tony king says he has been in business since 1997.

"Mr. King ain't here to rip nobody off," remarks Tony King about himself. "I could get you 1,500 people that come through here. I could pull out a drawer of satisfied customers."

But we don't usually hear from satisfied customers. We hear from people like Carla Green.

Green says she drove her truck to King's Auto for a new engine last summer and recently had it towed back.

"There is no battery in it," points out Green. "The catalytic converter is missing. And there are parts to it in the backseat."

Also last summer Sylvester Love got a $3,000.00 insurance check to have his car painted.

Love asked King to do some repair work too.

"And he was supposed to have painted it and put a motor on it," says Love. "Put a motor in the car."

"State Farm is paying for repair work on there (pointing to the paint estimate), not for me to do an engine," says King. "He demanded a battery, an engine, and a radiatorbecause I had told him a base coat/clear coat I could probably do for $750.00."

King said it would have been unethical to use the $3,000.00 for anything other than a paint job. So he painted the car for the insurance payoutor four times his original estimate.

Finally Kathy Geones had a truck that won't go into reverse.

After letting King fix it, she still has a truck that won't go into reverse.

King says he simply got a bad transmission.

"A '95 S-10 only interchanges with a '95 S-10," explains King. "This is 2013. There's not a whole lot of them out there."

"Why would it have the same problem?" wonders Geones. "That is very strange."

None of these complaints are clear cut, but to get three in a short time frame is cause for concern.

Air date: March 19th, 2013