La. rice farmers get late start, finish fast

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Despite a late start due to a cold, wet spring, Louisiana's rice crop is looking good. And U.S. prices may increase a bit because Arkansas farmers weren't able to plant as much as usual.

LSU AgCenter rice expert Johnny Saichuk (SAY-chuk) says he can't yet be sure, but Louisiana's yield could be a record.

Oak Grove farmer Jim Lingo says it's looking like the best crop in a long time. He said Monday that he hadn't yet begun harvesting his own land, but harvests of his father and brother were well above average.

University of Arkansas extension service rice expert Jerrod Hardke (HARD-kee) says Arkansas farmers planted about 975,000 acres this year - the first time they planted fewer than a million in about 30 years.

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