Lake Hamilton boating accident victim identified

(KATV)-The victim of a boating accident on Lake Hamilton was identified as Kurt Christian Busch, 31, of Hot Springs on Monday. The accident happened early Sunday morning after 12 a.m. Busch's brother says the entire family is devastated by his brother's death."He was just adventurous, outgoing, could make us laugh just to everybody that knew him. He was bigger than life and outgoing, always positive and outgoing. Everybody, we're going to miss him," said Austin Busch. "He died doing what he loved. He had two boats. Two little racing boats, the blue one and the yellow one. Ever since we were kids, we grew up around here, you know going out on the lakes each summer."According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Busch was leaving local restaurant Smyly's and allegedly struck a 38-foot fountain boat with his small ski boat. "He was thrown out of his vessel, so we did have to search for the body for a few hours but luckily he was recovered pretty quickly," said Stephanie Weatherington of the Arkansas Game and Fish.Weatherington says there have been multiple accidents since Friday, but most resulted in minor injuries."This weekend it's obviously been a very very busy weekend for Arkansas Game and Fish. So far what I'm aware of, we've had nine total accidents since Friday since the weekend really kicked off. Only one fatality, this one one on Lake Hamilton," she said.