Lake Nimrod Beaches Closed


All beaches on Lake Nimrod have been closed while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers investigates a possible algae outbreak. But one Pulaski county family thinks there may be more in the water than algae. Debbie Montgomery of Hensley says her grand kids are throwing up and have diarrhea after a week at the lake...and her husband is even worse off. Last week the Montgomery family spent the week camping on Lake Nimrod. Now...Debbie Montgomery's husband is at St. Vincent hospital. A possible blue-green algae bloom has caused the closure of all the beaches on Lake Nimrod.Montgomery believes the lake water caused the infection on Paul Montgomery's knee."He had fallen and he had a scrape on his knee, says Debbie Montgomery. "Now he has encephalitis. And they're saying that there is a bad bacteria in there. It's all swollen and he can barely walk on it. And they're doing tests because they said that it may be in his joints. They said that it wouldn't be from the blue and green. It would be from the e coli."Lake Nimrod was last tested for e coli around July 4th and all levels were acceptable. The lake will be tested again before Labor Day weekend. there has been no press release or announcements from the corps regarding the beach closures because the agency is awaiting test results and doesn't want to cause unnecessary alarm.but montgomery believes future campers and visitors have a right to know before they go."I just think everybody should know what is going on," says Montgomery. "I one knows."The campsites around Lake Nimrod remain open. You can still boat and fish and hike and bike...just no swimming. If you have a reservation and want to cancel because the beaches are closed, a Corps spokesperson says they will work with you.Air date: July 24th, 2014