Lake Nimrod closes after possibility of harmful algae discovered

Plainview (KATV) - The swimming beaches alongside Lake Nimrod in Perry County are closed until further notice due to a potential bloom of harmful algae. The Army Corps of Engineers is waiting for test results from the lake. "It looked so nasty," said camper Tiffany Shelton from Russellville. As one of the few campers left at a site off Lake Nimrod, Shelton is trying to make the best of it, because when they got to the lake her plans had to change. "Well, we found out that there was Blue-Green Algae in the water and that took away all of our swimming time," said Shelton. The Army Corps of Engineers says exposure to Blue-Green Algae can make you sick or irritate your skin. Children, pets, and those with an open wound are most at risk. Just to be safe until the test results come back, the Corps of Engineers has closed the swimming beaches along Lake Nimrod. "People can still camp there, people can still boat there, we just ask them not to swim at the swim beaches or go anywhere it's greenish looking," said Laurie Driver of the Army Corps of Engineers. Tests for E. coli in the lake have been sent to the state health department, but the tests for Blue-Green Algae can't be tested in Arkansas. Those results are expected by August 1st. The Corps of Engineer authorities near Lake Nimrod said they called around a dozen reservations for the park to tell them, they wouldn't be able to swim. The signs that greet you along the beach are the only way visitors have found out about the harmful algae. "Since it's been like this, it's cut out a lot of people, a lot," said Shelton. The Army Corps of Engineers asks campers who come to Lake Nimrod to avoid the area any algae or discolored area in the lake.