Large cat on the loose in Hot Spring County?

HOT SPRING COUNTY (KATV) - There have been multiple reports of sightings of a large cat near Malvern during the last several weeks.Residents say they have seen an extremely long, light brown/tan-colored large cat, with a tuft of darker fur on the end of its tail. The area of concern is from the South Vineyard area to Highway 222 area south of Malvern on Highway 9.One resident said they captured the cat in the photo you see here, but the picture is too blurry to determine what it actually is.The Hot Spring County Sheriff's Department is unsure at this time if it is an exotic or indigenous animal, but they say that if it was released from captivity, it may not be afraid of humans, which could create a dangerous situation.If you see the animal, do not try to approach it. Call 911 immediately.