Large meth lab busted in Hot Springs

(KATV) Hot Springs - An active meth lab has been disassembled and quarantined. It's the largest in Garland County history since the late 1990's. The meth lab was discovered in a home located at 191 Halk Terrace in Hot Springs.

Just to give you an idea of how big it is, on average it cost about 1$,500 to decontaminate a place, the cost to clean this moderate size home is estimated at upwards of $20,000.

Friday, officers posted hazardous substance caution signs and a search warrant document showing they had authorization to enter.

The windows and doors were boarded and Entergy crews took the cables from the home.

Outside in the rain, crayons sit next to a face mask, used gloves and jugs.

Police say the front door was open when they arrived; here are a few pictures of the filth inside and containers being used to make meth.

Judith Rowland says the home has gradually become rundown. She recalls, "Since about 6-months ago or a year."

Rowland has lived in this neighborhood made up of a few homes for 40-years. She says these homeowners have been here almost as long, but they moved and gave it to their son. "I've known him all his life."

Police have not publicly named a suspect, but neighbors say the son who came from a good family and is a master at auto body work returned to the home about once a week and now their suspicions have been laid to rest.

Investigators say the meth was urine based. Among other items: 34-gallons of urine, 25-pounds of salt, heaters, generators, lighter fluid, hundreds of matches, pills and drug paraphernalia have been recovered. It is estimated about 20-pounds of meth was produced.

For every pound of meth that is made, five to six pounds of waste are generated. The process is explosive, flammable and toxic.

Roland is just relieved the meth lab has been uncovered without incident. She says, "It is scary."

Two other neighbors told Channel Seven they have been sick lately and think it might be because of the fumes from the meth lab.

The volume of hazardous material is too much for the 18th East Drug Task Force so they called in State police and the DEA to help remove the items. The investigation is being conducted by the 18th East Drug Task Force, it's made up of members from the Garland County Sheriff's Office, Hot Springs and State Police. They are undercover officers.

No one has been arrested and the case is under investigation.