Lawsuit filed to get Saline County alcohol sales off the ballot

(KATV)-A lawsuit has been filed in Saline County against Saline County Clerk Doug Curtis, trying to keep the alcohol sales ballot initiative off the November ballot. The lawsuit claims the petition's language violated an amendment and that petitioners forged signatures, among many other claims.The plaintiffs, David Bullock, Tiffany Francis and Bryan Keaton are being represented by Friday, Eldridge and Clark. The same law firm representing the group associated with the beverage retailers association, which is trying to keep state-wide alcohol sales off the ballot. It's not clear if the plaintiffs are connected to beverage retailers. The lawyer for Saline County says the initiative will remain on the ballot until they are told otherwise by a judge.The group behind the petition, "Our Community, Our Dollars," says they are confident the ballot petition will be on the November ballot. "The acceptance of the clerk of the petitions , we feel, will be upheld," said Marshall Ney, the lawyer representing the group.Representatives behind the lawsuit could not be reached for comment.