Lawyer Admits Error


From unreachable.

That is the journey one central Arkansas couple says their attorney has taken them on.

It's also been an expensive journey.

David Moore lives with his wife Michelle in a very nice home in Alexander.

But the Moores used to live here, in Scott...near the end of a quiet cul de sac marked by large yards and very nice homes.

The Moores had problems with their new home. The roof leaked, water came through the walls, there were electrical issues.

So the Moores sued their builder...and hired Little Rock lawyer Don Trimble to represent them.

"I took him my evidence and he looked at it and he said man you have a good case...and I would love to take it," recalls Moore about his conversation with Trimble. "So we started from there."

At least $13,000.00 and several years later here is where it ended...with a certified letter from Don Trimble. "...I have found that I made a serious error..." and "...the Court will most likely dismiss the case." It continued " will probably have no recourse but to sue my law office for the error I have made in this case."

Rather than sue, the Moores made an offer to accept a refund of much less....$8,700.00.

Trimble thanked them for offering to settle for a "reasonable amount" and told the Moores he "would like to accept" but that "all of his resources and assets were encumbered with loans."

He was "unable financially to refund" their money but pledged to work to secure the necessary funds.

That was July of 2012.

"We haven't seen one penny," says Moore. "Matter of fact he won't even accept our calls or letters. I called him last week reply."

Mr. Trimble's only response to us was "This is an ongoing case. I will not speak to you about it."

Air date: November 15th, 2013