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      Lawyer: Blytheville workers received improper gift

      BLYTHEVILLE (AP) - Blytheville City Attorney Mike Bearden says city water utility workers likely didn't know they did anything wrong but says it was against the law for a vendor to give them $100 gift cards for Christmas.

      Water utility manager Gary Phillips said Thursday that the company that supplies water meters to the city provided money for $100 gift cards to 20 employees.

      Phillips says the initial plan was to ask vendors to help fund a Christmas party. The Blytheville Courier News reports the party wound up being held at a senior center. Phillips says he used the vendor's cash to buy the workers gift cards.

      The law prohibits public servants from receiving gifts related to their duties.

      Bearden says a vendor likely could sponsor a Christmas party.

      Information from: Blytheville Courier News, http://www.couriernews.net

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