Lawyer Punched

A Benton attorney in trouble with the Feds had some more trouble yesterday.

He says one of his clients attacked him.

Despite getting punched and possibly shot at by his client, Dustin Dyer still showed up at trial to represent him.

When Dyer appeared in a Sheridan court room Thursday morning he didn't look as good as he does on his billboard off of Interstate 30 in Benton.

Dyer had a fat lipcourtesy of the client he was there to represent.

That client31 year-old James Adam Hudson of Mabelvaledidn't show up and is now wanted on a no-bond warrant out of Grant County.

Prosecutors say in may of last year Hudson led police on a chase that "exceeded 90 miles an hour" before giving up.

Police found a black pouch in a ditch containing "twenty dollars in cash and five bags of white crystal substance."

Later, police learned the 2008 truck Hudson was driving "was stolen" and he is charged with felony theft by receiving.

Hudson hired Dyer and on the eve of trial the two met at Hudson's home.

Dyer says in a written statement for police "I was meeting with James Adam Hudson and he started going crazy. He then punched me in the mouth, busted my lips. Then started to scream about me being a "punk a** b****" for calling the police. So I left and when at the end of the driveway two shots were fired. So I left."

The responding officer reported "I could see blood coming from the area described. Mr. Dyer declined all medical attention and requested to press charges against Mr. Hudson."

Dyer remains under a federal charge himself dating back to the summer of 2011.

His trial has been reset four times. The next trial date is scheduled for May 13th.

Dyer is charged with using his phone to facilitate a drug transaction. He succeeded in getting his case severed from 19 other defendants.

The government, a co-defendant, and even Dyer himself have all asked for and have been granted continuances.

And there's no guarantee the May 13th trial won't be delayed again.

Air date: February 21st, 2013