Libertarian attorney general candidate wants to abolish death penalty

(KATV)- Libertarian party candidate for attorney general, Aaron Cash, says he believes the death penalty in Arkansas should be abolished.

Channel 7 News reported Monday that the Democratic candidate and three Republican candidates want to see executions return to Arkansas, including one Republican candidate, David Sterling, who wants to see the return of the electric chair.

Arkansas hasn't executed a prisoner on death row since 2005.

"There is a standard for cruel and unusual punishment. Surely our society has moved beyond executing citizens," Cash said, "Since 1973 more than 100 people have been released from death row. Howmany other innocent people are there? To me it's not worth the risk"

Cash said he believes the death penalty is often applied in an unfair and unjust manner.

"People of color are far more likely to be executed, especially if the victim iswhite," Cash said.

Cash said if he were attorney general, he would ask there be proposed legislation to abolish the death penalty.