Lighting strike near natural gas well injures four in Faulkner County

Faulkner County (KATV) - Two people are being monitored at Conway Regional Hospital after encountering a lighting strike near Fairview and Herring north of Woolly Hollow. Four workers were admitted to the Conway Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after the lighting struck around three o'clock this afternoon, two were released after suffering minor injuries. Emergency personnel were notified immediately and arrived 20 minutes after the strike. Christina Fowler of Southwestern Energy tells KATV that the workers were waiting for Thursday's afternoon thunder storms to pass. Once they didn't see any remaining lighting, they got back to work, that's when the lighting struck. Fowler says that the natural gas line was off and there wasn't any major damage in the area of the strike. Dr. Michael Fahr has been working with the two effected by the lighting since they were admitted. He says the power of a lighting strike can be paralleled to that of power line. "You can have people who are in close proximity to it, and even though they aren't close to it, you can get little off shoots of electricity from it." He says, "I think that's how these people are involved." Dr. Fahr went on to add that he expects that the two in the hospital overnight on Thursday, should be discharged Friday. Fowler says workers injured by lighting were not employees of Southwestern Energy, but rather a third party vendor helping repair the natural gas well in Faulkner County.