Like Father, Like Son?

Nearly ten years after his father was indicted by federal prosecutors, a son in the same line of work is being sued by the Arkansas Attorney General.

The name of the Greenbrier auto dealer J. Eric Turner will no doubt bring to mind to some the name of James Turner.

James Turner was a Russellville car dealer Seven-On-Your-Side did reports on back in 2001.

He was charged by federal prosecutors two years later and ultimately pleaded guilty to 14 bank fraud counts and went to federal prison.

Now his son is in hot water.

Carco of Arkansas has a popular location...right off Highway 65 in the heart of Greenbrier.

But according to a lawsuit filed this week by the Arkansas Attorney General, owner J. Eric Turner isn't very popular with some of his customers...59 of them to be exact.

They complain that Turner has been slow...really slow...getting titles to them.

Under Arkansas law, titles should be provided to a buyer or lien holder within 30 days of purchase.

Stephanie Cooper bought a van at Carco back in July.

"I finally decided in January to contact the Attorney General's office and within a week the Revenue Office had the title," says Cooper of Bee Branch.

Brittany Woodruff of Greenbrier says she has a car in her garage she can't drive because she lacks a title.

And worse, she says Eric Turner was supposed to pay off her trade-in.

She says he hasn't.

And now she's afraid her jeep might soon disappear.

"He's missing cars," says Woodruff. "I mean, compared to what he had yesterday on his lot...he had motorcycles, he had tons of cars out here. And he's been hauling them out today on a trailer. He hauled out a motorcycle. I mean you're missing about thirteen cars already."

Eric Turner confirmed for us today that while James Turner was often seen at his Greenbrier dealership, he says his elderly father was just hanging out and has no role in the business.

The case against James Eric Turner will be heard in Pulaski County Circuit Court.

Air date: May 3rd, 2013