Lincoln County Sheriff looking for fake police officer

Lincoln County (KATV) - The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is looking for someone pretending to be a police officer. A Star City woman called the Sheriff's Office in a panic last night claiming that she was being tailgated on the new highway 530 by what appeared to be blue police lights. Lincoln County dispatchers took the call around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night when a Christy from Star City was coming from Pine Bluff. "There is a car behind me, they have a blue light on the dashboard and it doesn't look like police car" said Christy as she was driving home. Christy describes the car following her as dark colored car, no further description than that. She says it was tailgating her so closely that she couldn't see the driver's headlights, only the blue flashing light. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office called the Arkansas State Police to ask if they were pulling anyone over on the new highway 530. When Arkansas State Police told Lincoln County Dispatchers that their officer was on a break, Christy knew that the person trying to pull her over wasn't a real police officer. The car followed Christy for about seven miles until it turned onto another road. Christy says she started shaking when she got home. "I started panicking! By the time I got home I was crying, I was shaking because I kept thinking about what could have happened. What did this person want with me?" Said Christy recalling what happened Wednesday night. Lincoln County Sheriff Larry McGee says a similar incident happened just six weeks ago. "We would assume that rape would be the primary purpose for someone following single females in vehicles" Said Sheriff McGee. Sheriff McGee says if you believe you're being pulled over; find a well lit area before pulling over to check if the vehicle is a police car. He also mentions never to get out of your car when pulled over.