Little Rock Air Force Base releases new information on lock down

(KATV)-Little Rock Air Force Base officials released new information Thursday on why the base was locked down for more than four hours Wednesday.During a drill on the base, an individual was reported as suspicious for attempting to gain access into a building on lock down.

"An individual on base reported to the Security Forces law enforcement desk that a suspicious individual tried to forcibly gain access to a base building.{} Although the base was conducting a readiness exercise at the time, the report was not part of the exercise scenario," a press release from the base said.

Officials said after searching the base, they deemed there was no threat and figured that the report was a case of mistaken identity because of the heightened awareness during the drill.

According to a teacher who works at school on the base, there was more than one person trying to gain access to a locked building during the confusion of the drill and potential threat.{}

"We actually did have a parent come and knock on the door. We are not allowed to let anybody in or out of the building, so I just went to the door and said sorry, and she said oh I see," said Jerry Sundermeier.